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ICESat: GLAS HDF5 Documentation

ICESat: GLAS HDF5 Documentation

The primary purpose of the GLAS_HDF effort is to provide GLAS data products reformatted in a manner that promotes interoperability between GLAS data products, products from other earth science missions, and future ICESat-2 data products. These products have the purpose of enabling:

  • The GLAS dataset to be available in the same standard format (HDF5) that is expected for ICESat-2. This improves cross-mission interoperability.
  • The ICESat science team and user community to become familiar with HDF5 products.
  • The development team to receive feedback from the community regarding the success of this effort and planned designs for ICESat-2 data formats.

GLAS_HDF products are created using HDF5 and implement the following features:

  • Self Describing
  • Logical groups
  • Rate Groups
  • Global Metadata
  • Structured Metadata
  • CF-compliance
  • NetCDF-compatible

For full details, please read the "GLAS HDF Standard Data Product Specification Document" below.

GLAS HDF Detailed Design Document

GLAS HDF Standard Data Product Specification Document

GLAS HDF Data Dictionaries

GLAS HDF Sample Data