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ICESat-2: Science Definition Team

ICESat-2: Science Definition Team

The Science Definition Team (SDT) is a group of competitively selected scientists (selected in 2014) who help with defining the science goals and provide guidance and advice to the ICESat-2 project to ensure the mission meets its science requirements.

Science Team Only

  • Lori Magruder, University of Texas: laser altimetry, SDT Leader
  • Sinead Farrell, ESSIC, UMD: sea ice
  • Helen Fricker, Scripps Institution of Oceanography: ice sheets
  • Alex Gardner, JPL: ice sheets
  • Mike Jasinski, NASA GSFC: hydrology
  • Ron Kwok, JPL: sea ice
  • James Morison, Univ. of Washington: Arctic oceans
  • Amy Neuenschwander, Univ. of Texas: vegetation
  • Steve Palm, SSAI: atmospheric science
  • Sorin Popescu, Texas A&M University: vegetation
  • Ben Smith, Univ. of Washington: ice sheets
  • Yuekui Yang, USRA: atmospheric science

Applications News

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