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ICESat-2: Education and Public Outreach

ICESat-2: Education and Public Outreach

Ice comes in many forms here on Earth, like mountain glaciers and frozen lakes, but most of it is found near the North Pole and South Pole. With temperatures on our planet warming up, many of these icy areas are melting.

ICESat-2 is a satellite mission that will measure the height of Earth's ice-covered regions to track melting and other changes. From space, it will also take the height of other features of our planet, including trees and shrubs, lakes and buildings.

Here are some fun things you can do to find out more and get involved!

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Watch videos about Earth's frozen regions, called the cryosphere, on our multimedia page here.

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Have fun with this really cool bookmark activity! Download it here.

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Get creative assembling a paper model of the satellite! Download the model here and the instructions here.

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Watch the 2014 high school winner of NASA's Reel Science Communication Contest here.

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Applications News

 Submission deadline for the 5th call of Early Adopters is February 29, 2016. Read more here.

 Join us for the ICESat-2 Inland Water Focus Session on November 18, 2015. Read more here.

 Join us at the 2015 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Read more here.

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