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The Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) is the 2nd-generation of the orbiting laser altimeter ICESat.

MABEL: Welcome to Fairbanks!

The ER-2 Team, along with NASA scientists, engineers, and others, are here in Fairbanks to fly a laser altimeter - MABEL - over melting summer sea ice, glaciers, and more. Follow their adventures here.

MABEL Image Credit: NASA/Carla Thomas

See how NASA Builds a Space Laser!

To build a satellite that will measure all the bumps and dips of our dynamic Earth, engineers started with a black box. Learn how ICESat-2's ATLAS instrument is being built here.

ATLAS Image Credit: NASA/
Kate Ramsayer

Penguin Naming Contest

Stay tuned to the ICESat-2 website to find out what the winning name of the ICESat-2 penguin will be. Results coming soon!

ICESat-2 penguin

Applications Announcements

Sea Ice Focus Session, August 18-19, 2014. Read more here.

ICESat-2 patch

Check-out our New Videos!

ICESat-2 scan pattern (click to start) (full)
Credit: NASA/GSFC Conceptual Image Lab

NASA Reel Science 2014 Winner

Latest satellite image (Click to enlarge)
ICESat-2 image

Credits: Satellite image courtesy of Orbital
Earth image illustrating AMSR-E sea ice courtesy of the NASA Scientific Visualization Studio

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